9/2017: IFA Berlin 2017 show visited by Rainworks delegation

Rainworks delegation Tomas Kurdziel / Rainworks Alliance, Jan Lühr / Lühr GmbH, Michal Wiecek and Michal Jadanowski / Drago, visited Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances exhibition IFA Berlin 2017 last Friday.

Although the show is not connected to our professional garden branch and is more consumer way oriented, the visit had its value for Rainworks visitors there and for the entire group. One of the participants said:” It is always good to see behind the horizon”.

Beside smart home systems, weather station systems, robot movers, etc. which are all directly connected to our business, participants have also seen and personally tested use of Virtual Reality glasses that we believe will influence our markets too. We are sure that many sales presentations will be done this way in the future. One of close partners of Rainworks alliance LED light systems producer “in-lite” has already started to go this way.

9/2017: Compression Fittings in irrigation technology

A question of quality!

You will not remember them until you see leaks in a piping system: Compression fittings!

Water loss, consequential costs and anger among the participants can then have a negative impact on the overall project.

Oscar Wilde once said: "Nowadays people of all know the price but nothing of value."

This has not changed to this day - on the contrary, stinginess is still or already again the word and therefore the price is often the focus of the arguments; especially when it comes to fittings. According to experience, the value of a fitting is difficult to present and so is often preferred to the supposedly more cost-effective product.

In the last two years, the Rainworks Group has been intensively searching for an exclusive fitting line to provide the quality conscious sprinkler specialist with a fitting that meets the different requirements of our industry. These are primarily:

  • • Easy to install
  • • Perfect hydraulic sealing
  • • Pressure resistance and high impact strength
  • • No toxic hazard due to 100% compliance with drinking water regulations
  • • Resistance to most chemicals
  • • Local availability
  • • DVGW approval
  • • Convincing price / performance ratio

Regarding the pressure ranges, the selected fittings are tested and approved according to the relevant standards, such as:

  • • DIN 8076-3 DVGW - Germany
  • • DIN 8076-3 ÖVGW - Austria
  • • ISO 14236 International
  • • 16 bar at 20 ° C - for fittings from Ø16 to Ø 63mm
  • • 10 bar at 20 ° C - for fittings from Ø 75 to Ø 110 mm

Intensive practice tests have proven that the new Rainworks Fittings line meet the high expectations even in the harsh construction site business. In the near future, these fittings will be made available to the water sprinkler as part of various sales activities.


Yours, Rolf Krüger


4/2017: 21. Rainworks Family Weekend 2017


The Rainworks Family Weekend 2017 took place in a heart of the Czech Republic last long weekend.

First day Rainworks Alliance members together with their families discovered quiet spa town Podebrady with its beautiful spa park and colonnade and a nature of banks of river Elbe. Second day the group visited a jewel of towns in the Czech Republic – UNESCO World Heritage Site town Kutna Hora, with its gothic Saint Barbara's Cathedral and amazing and unique medieval silver mines.

The weekend showed again that the Rainworks Alliance does not have only solid international business pillars but also strong personal roots based on close friendship. This brings something new to all members from different countries and creates new ideas with positive influence not only on the members but mainly on their customers and markets.


3/2017: 21st Annual Contractor Congress

Almost 100 garden professional contractors participated on already the 21st Annual Contractor Congress of Rainworks founding member ITTEC from the Czech Republic. The event took place on Kuneticka Hora Golf Resort, 100km east of Prague, on Wednesday 15th of March 2017. Under guidance of ITTEC team the participants got actual information from the irrigation and professional garden branch and shared them together.

The focus was put on water saving and an intelligent control of irrigation systems that are the most current topics for nowadays and a future. An evening before the main event many contractors also participated on a light show organized together with company in-lite with that ITTEC already successfully cooperates from 2012.

Now all is ready for the new season in professional garden branch in the Czech Republic!


2/2017: Hunter HC Hydrawise Seminar in Wiesbaden Delkenheim


Just in time for the 2017 irrigation season season, the Hunter HC seminar was realized exclusively for the Rainworks Group in the rooms of the “Gala Bauverband Hessen und Thüringen” in Wiesbaden Delkenheim.

Wiesbaden was the first stop of the Hunter Manager Anthony Long and Lars Nüchter on their tour to various Central European countries. Both gentlemen explained impressively about news and details of the product development in the field of HC controls. A great opportunity for the full-present Rainworks group to share in-depth own experiences with the Hunter specialists.

The seminar took place almost simultaneously with the successful installation of the 1000th Hydrawise control unit. On the basis of the enormous technical experience gained, an intensive and valuable dialogue between the manufacturer, the Rainworks Managers and the engineers and technicians of the Rainworks companies took place.

In addition to the software optimization on the existing HC control, the presentation of the new PRO-HC device was the focus of the discussion.

Hunter Industries has further improved an already great product. The new outdoor model in the PRO-C style with a lockable door (IP 44) was particularly well received. Also the models for indoor installation now have a door and are easy to install due to the enlarged terminal strip area.

The PRO-HC series is supplied with 6, 12 and 24 stations; The successful HC devices will continue to be delivered.


1/2017: ITTEC trainings in Prague


In the beginning of this week from Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th of January 2017 our member ITTEC from the Czech Republic organized practical contractor trainings in Parkhotel Pruhonice in Prague area.

Monday was fully dedicated to the irrigation system designing and an irrigation system installation training, followed by Tuesday LED garden lighting system design, installation and ways of selling to customer and Wednesday closed the training days with a customized sales training for contractors helping them in their selling process to end user customers / garden owners. The event has been organized under umbrella of Rainworks Alliance and we counted almost 100 participants there. We can congratulate the ITTEC team to this success!

1/2017: Fourth Drago Conference in Gdansk

Rainworks Management Team at the Drago Conference


Fourth Drago Conference Co w trawie piszczy 2017” (What’s moving our industry) in Gdansk another milestone for the Polish and Central European Industry

Everybody’s eager expectations in the run-up to the fourth Drago Academy were exceeded by far when the event finally took place. On January 13th Drago team hosted more than 300 participants on the Auditorium of the Gdansk European Solidarity Center was completely filled.

From its the very beginning in 2014 the conference was intend to provide a platform for the exchange of the best practices in the green industry. Another important aim is to offer networking opportunities and time for further discussions among the big numbers of participants with local and international professionals in different business segments.  

Once again all presentations had international caliber and covered the following topics: Sales, Marketing, Water-Management, Garden Lighting, Turf grasses and last but not least panel discussion on the future of the green industry.  

The Rainworks Alliance was represented by its complete management team. Michael Cermak from ITTEC talked about similarities of the Czech and Polish markets and all Rainworks members greatly participated on the panel discussion on the future of the Industry.
Rainworks congratulates it‘s polish Partner, company Drago again, to this once more superb and perfectly organized event.

1/2017: Rainworker Gerhardt GmbH now authorized Magiline–Distributor

The company Gerhardt GmbH located in Wiesbaden Delkenheim has expanded its product line dedicated to the modern garden. Since January 1, 2017 Gerhardt GmbH offers innovative swimming pools of the French manufacturer Magiline.

The Company Magiline designs and manufacturers individual pools with ultimate product features - Magiline products are sold exclusively with the seal of quality “Origine France Garantie".

Here you can get more details on Magiline here.

1/2017: Tomas Kurdziel now responsible for international developments of the Rainworks Alliance

Dear Partners, Customers and Friends!

This note is to inform you about a change in the Rainworks organization that already took place January 1, 2017.

After serving our industry in international markets for more than 40 years I came to the final decision to finish my international activities. Already a couple of months ago I informed the Rainworks Alliance about my future plans and I suggested to the group to have Tomas Kurdziel taking over big parts of my former responsibilities. Tomas will care from now on for all our international contacts and will coordinate all necessary actions with our partner suppliers. The group highly welcomed this idea and appreciated my suggestion.

I know Tomas since many years and I am very glad that Tomas, who is a highly talented professional, has accepted our invitation to take over the responsibilities connected to his new position. Moreover he will continue to work in his former role in ITTEC.  

Let me ask you to join me to wish him all the best in his new business endeavor. I am sure that the group will benefit from his very energetic and dedicated way to work greatly.   

Myself I will care for some more time for the Rainworks international marketing and the distribution support of our German members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Let me thank you and your teams for the chance to work with you. It was always a pleasure to work with you all, already during my Rain Bird time!

Rolf Krüger

Hunter News

12/2016: Thank you very much!


Dear customers and dear partners from the industry,

At the very end of the eventful year 2016 we do not want to miss the opportunity to thank you for the always trustful and successful business cooperation. Together we achieved a lot and paved the way for further successes. Thanks to you the Rainworks name became even better known and stands as a synonym for quality and honest partnership. Without our loyal customer base and our quality dedicated industrial partnerships this could simply not have been achieved. 

This is the right place and time to say thank you for your ongoing trust and partnership!

Our best Season Greetings to you and your families - we wish you a peaceful holiday season and some days to enjoy whatever you plan to do.  


Your Rainworks Team!

NEWS 2016

12/2016: Thanks to our partners

The year 2016 comes finally to an end – it is the right time to assess and appreciate the cooperation some of our strategic partners. Within our partnership with „in lite” the Dutch manufacturer of Garden Lighting systems all was just perfect! We just need to say that besides the business success we enjoyed, there was always much fun and even more excitement involved in everything we did together to grow the market and to learn from each other. Right now, in the darker season of the year it is very promising to review and see how much has been done to educate the market successfully on this particular business segment.

 Garden lighting became a very strong segment in the product and service portfolio of all Rainworks companies. And the permanent sharing of ideas between Rainworks, contractors and in lite as the manufacturer is definitely bearing fruit now.

No Garden without Garden Lighting became one of the guiding principles of the Rainworks group and its customers.

Over the last couple of weeks several education seminars took place and in particular the trips of ITTEC from Czech Republic and Lühr GmbH have shown the importance of the direct contact between the contractor and manufacturer.

It is more than fair to say THANK YOU to all the people at in lite and here in particular to Alex Paleewong who always motivated us to go after the enormous business opportunity and  illuminating a steadily growing number of gardens with a great product.

Here we are now and we are looking forward to another successful year 2017!


Ihr Rolf Krüger

7/2016: My personal experience with my new in-lite outdoor lighting system

It was one of those hot summer nights in August 2015 when my wife and I came to the final conclusion that we needed to install a garden lighting system to enjoy our garden even more and for longer hours.

So, when Alex Paleewong, a good old friend of mine from company in-lite in Holland, dropped by last week, he convinced me on the spot that it was the right time of the year to realize the project and thus to be able to enjoy the long outdoor evenings to come. As he had enough system parts in the trunk of his car it took me just a short moment of consideration to say: Fine – great idea, let’s do it right away!

I never claimed to be a practical guy, but together with Alex I managed to install large parts of that great system in just a couple of hours. Everything was really easy to do and I finally found myself in a “flow-mode” while getting closer to the final result - my own working in-lite system.

After that remarkable evening at the end of April, our new lighting system became the main issue of the neighborhood. Even when it was chilly outside, neighbors came by to sit with us and enjoy the wonderful illumination of trees and bushes. Everybody agreed this was a great thing to do.

Now we are living in an atmosphere of beauty, romance and illumination. As a matter of fact our terrace became an additional outdoor living area and we can hardly wait for the warm weather to come to spend evening hours there with a good glass of wine.

Installation was even easier than described by Alex and it took just 2 hours to have everything properly installed in the right place. I will shortly get back to you with the technical details of the system. And I can definitely say: Garden lighting is an easy way to enhance your quality of life at home! !


Rolf Krüger

Brochure Book of In-Lite

5/2016: Good News: Hunter Industries acquires Hydrawise

It is an important step for the future: For us as well as for our customers! The synergies arising from the new construct are of enormous importance and ensure that we take advantage of the direct cooperation with one of the world's largest manufacturer of irrigation systems.

Important for us is that the previous excellent cooperation with the ingenious creators of Hydrawise remains directly. Anthony Long and also the inventor of the system, Cameron Ryan, will work with Hunter now.

Direct benefits from the newly created constellation we will immediately and directly pass on to you.
Hunter Industries has repeatedly proven that one can position successful products even more successful. Now we look forward to the expected developments referring to Hydrawise.

Even with the already included product features for water management and user convenience we have already an exciting product available that meets many requirements for a modern web control system. We at Rainworks will accompany any new development with joy and energy.

At this point we would like to congratulate Hunter Industries and Hydrawise to a successful cooperation - Well done!
And we appreciate their continued confidence in Rain Works and the related request in a successful long-term cooperation!


Rolf Krüger

Hydrawise Video

Rainworks Family Weekend in the Czech Republic Krkonose mountains

The Rainworks Family Weekend took place in a beautiful Czech Krkonose mountains resort Svaty Petr in Spindleruv Mlyn within last days. Warm and sunny May weather together with a great team spirit of participating members and their families have led to enjoyable mutual time full of new ideas and goals for the future of the Rainworks Alliance. Several members defeated the Elbe river spring on Friday afternoon that was quite symbolic as water is essential in our life same as in our garden and irrigation everyday business.


Over 400 registered participants visit Rainworks Knowledge Training

After the end of the great seminar that was held at company Lühr GmbH in Bad Bodenteich on February 18th, 2016 an extremely positive interim result can be drawn after half of the series of the Rainworks Seminars 2016. There were more than 400 participants from all fields of the irrigation industry in Vienna, Wiesbaden, Prague, Warsaw and Bad Bodenteich.

Main topics of the events were „More leisure and comfort by using modern smart technology” as well as “Water- and energy-saving control systems”.

By selling advanced products like the Hydrawise web-based controller, in-lite garden lighting, lawn mower robots and high-quality irrigation products the Rainworks Alliance has reached one of the group’s main goals: More leisure and comfort for garden owners by using modern technology and services!

An additional point of interest was the Rainworker Program that is considered trendsetting in the irrigation industry.

Rolf Krüger as the strategic expert of the group explained the importance of the new smart control systems in regards to new fields of application that traditional controllers cannot offer. For qualified irrigation installers it is important to consider the use of Hydrawise Controllers – an ideal choice in means of water savings and service portfolio. More Seminars will be held in March in Kunětická Hora, Czech Republic, in Linz, Austria, and in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Anthony Long of Hydrawise leads Special Training in Wiesbaden and Prague

The most important thing for me was to finally get to know you, to see the faces behind the names. We people of Hydrawise are very impressed by the successful introduction of our products to your market in a short period of time!

These were the first words of Anthony Loyd on February 8th, 2016 to greet his Rainworks Partners in Wiesbaden and one day later in Prague, too.

Consequently, both events - the Strategic Meetings with Rainworks partner companies Lühr GmbH, Green Gard, ITTEC, Drago and Technokonsult – were held in an atmosphere of good agreement.

The Rainworks Alliance exclusively acts as the strategic partner for Hydrawise products in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Specific Marketing and Sales Programs reflect the responsibility towards the manufacturer.

By having the Hydrawise web-based controller in the product portfolio the Alliance is able to offer their customers the possibility to upgrade conventional systems towards modern HiTec Systems.

On the second day of the Seminar Rainworkers and customers with a special interest in this subject were intensively trained in the system details and received a Training Certificate. The last item on the agenda was “Rainworks products in practical use”. This workshop offered participants a hands-on experience at the end of the day.

Drago Academy in Warsaw thrills participants, speakers and organizers

Everybody’s eager expectations in the run-up to the third Drago Academy were exceeded by far when the event finally took place. On February 11th, 2016 the Auditorium of the Warsaw Conference Center “Nauki Kopernik” was completely filled.

All presentations had international caliber and covered the following topics: Sales, Marketing, Water-Management, Garden Lighting, Fertilizers and last but not least Lawn Mower Robots.

The Rainworks Alliance was represented by Michael Cermak and Tomas Kurdziel of company Ittec, Czech Republic, and Rolf Krüger. The Team’s topics were „Sales in highly competitive markets“, „Water and climate change - responsible use of water in the irrigation” and “New and successful distribution models”.

Alex Palewong of company in-lite enthralled the audience with his thoughts and remarks about „garden lighting“. His key message: No garden without lights!

Rainworks congratulates it‘s polish Partner, company Drago, on this superb and perfectly organized event. The Rainworks idea is shared amongst partners and installers and becomes widely accepted – more and more successful people get the ball rolling…

Strategy Conference 2015 in Dresden

Dresden, internationally known for its historic old town embossed by various architectural eras with the Frauenkirche, the Semper Opera and the Hofkirche and Residenzschloss and Zwinger, hosted the Rainworks strategy meeting 2015. The focus of the discussions were practical product demonstrations of new water-saving irrigation products for the market, which should be adopted in the Rainworks program for the new season. During the summer and the end of season final product test are to be made.

The members of the Alliance are very pleased with the development of the Rainworks thought and will bring in the future even more energy in the enforcement of Rainworks concept in the market.

K-Rain Products Highlighted at the GaLaBau Show

GaLaBau, one of the world's most comprehensive trade shows featuring a complete range of products for the design, construction and maintenance of urban and open green spaces took place from the 17th to 20th of September in Nuremberg, Germany.

K-Rain Manufacturing Corporation, the third largest manufacturer of irrigation sprinklers in the world, exhibited their water and time-saving products in cooperation with the Rainworks Alliance. K-Rain and Rainworks have worked in a successful strategic partnership since 2012 in the Central European markets of Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Read the full article.

Together we move more than water!

We are specialists for irrigation, micro irrigation, water treatment, water distribution, (aerating) fountains and garden lighting. Challenge us! We will do our best to inspire you.

Rainworks as an alliance of businesses specialized in the field of irrigation supports its partners by bundling synergies. We hold the competitive edge on the market!

The Rainworker – The Newsletter of the Rainworks Alliance

The themes of this issue:

  • Rainworks Delegation travelling Italy
  • Second Seminar for Soccer Installation Companies
  • No garden without light
  • Frost Protection – From Water to Ice
  • in-lite & Rainworks
  • K-Rain Milan Marketing Meeting
  • Arc Memory Clutch
  • Weathermatic Success in the Rainwork Group
  • iPlayGolf in Hannover-Langenhagen
  • Rain Bird in Europe
  • Colorful Nights in the City of Bad Vilbel

The Rainworker can be downloaded here or be viewed here as a flip page PDF.